„UNIJAPAK“ Ltd. Nis strives towards becoming a leader in the production and packaging of soups, spices, puddings, whipped creams, herbal teas, powder and granular products, additives, fruit products, as well as mill products which will be recognized by the consumer for their high quality and safety at the regional level with a tendency to market expansion on national and international level.

We will achieve this goal:

  • by implementing, maintaining and constantly improving quality management system according to the requirements of the ISO 22000:2005 standard.
  • by implementing, maintaining and constantly improving food safety management system according to the requirements of CODEX ALIMENTARIUS standard.
  • by implementing HACCP principle in producing and development of new products
  • by following and implementing modern production technologies
  • by respecting laws and regulations in all processes and products
  • by constantly increasing the satisfaction of our costumers and consumers
  • by constantly acquiring new knowledge and motivating employees to achieve maximum results
  • by increasing the level of cooperation with our suppliers
  • by developing and improving marketing and sales at home and abroad
  • by exchanging information about quality and safety of our products with external stakeholders

In order to ensure high standards in quality and safety of our food products, we obtain necessary tools and equipment,
develop training programs, certify and implement the latest standards and professional staff of our team for food safety takes numerous steps in order to identify potential risks in the process of production, packaging and transporation and all this in order to achieve better competitiveness on the market.

Therefore, already in the process of making a new product or making terms of reference and project plan for a new product,
sensory tests which examine whether the product meets the previously set requirements are conducted. The raw materials are selected and controlled with the utmost care.
The raw materials are carefully examined and taken to processing or use when the test results do not show any reason for complaint.
During the manufacturing process, the fulfillment of the high quality and safety requirements is checked at the appropriate checkpoints.