• Chicken soup 40g
  • Chicken soup – letters 40g
  • Beef soup 40g
  • Lenten soup 40g
  • Vegetable soup 40g

About product

  • The product is a mix of chopped noodles and soup concentrate.
  • Noodle is an inherent consistency and color, and when cooked it swells uniformly and keeps its form.
  • Soup concentrate is of characteristic, inherent look and consistency, in the form of a mix of salt, dried vegetables, fat, additives and spices of characteristic taste and aroma.


Pasta: wheat semolina; soup concentrate: salt, carbohydrates (corn starch, dextrose), flavor enhancer monosodium glutamate, dried vegetables (parsnip, onion, carrot), vegetable fat, spices (dried parsley leaf and ground pepper), broth (chicken or beef), yeast extract.