Coconut flour

Coconut flour is the so called coconut meat in dried and ground form. It has a nice, exotic taste and aroma, and it contains all the nutrients of coconut. It is widely used when preparing different types of desserts, and it can be used as an addition when making exotic salads, desserts and cakes.

Packing: 80g, 100g, 1kg


Raisin is a healthy and tasteful source of natural sugar, in the first place fructose. It is an ideal snack rich in calcium and iron. It is a particularly good choice of snack when you feel stressed since it is rich in magnesium, which calms nerves, a complex of vitamins B, nourishes our nervous system and in iron which revives. Besides that, raisin is a good natural source of carbohydrates which will provide our brain with power and improve concentration.

Packing: 80g, 100g, 1kg

Cocoa powder

Cocoa powder is a product obtained by converting cocoa beans into powder. Beans were previously peeled and heat-treated and the powder itself contains minimum 20% of cocoa butter, calculated on dry matter, and maximum 7% of water. Cocoa powder with reduced percent of cocoa butter, that we also manufacture, contains approximately 10-12% of cocoa butter, calculated on dry matter, and no more than 7% of water. Cocoa contains more than 300 different amino acids that can affect one’s mood (serotonin, tryptophan, dopamine, phenylethylamine and endorphin, sometimes referred to as “hormones of happiness”). Moreover, cocoa is rich in minerals. Sulfur that can be found in cocoa powder is a well-known mineral of beauty that strengthens hair and nails and purifies the skin. Since it contains magnesium, cocoa lowers blood pressure, has a positive effect on the heart, and helps to expel toxic substances from the body. Furthermore, cocoa is rich in calcium, natrium, zinc, manganese, cuprum and iron. As far as vitamins are concerned, the most dominating are Vitamin C, which has an antioxidant effect.


Packing: 80g, 80g in box, 100g, 100g in box, 1kg

Sesame seeds

Pale yellow color. It is used as food seasoning, an addition to the dough products and desserts. It is extensively used in oriental cuisine. It has an extraordinary aroma if it is slightly fried on low heat.
Sesame seeds include: about 50 – 60% of oil, oligo elements, copper, calcium, iron, vitamin E, vitamin B1, vegetable pitch, bitter substances (which give a distinctive flavor to this spice), two distinct types of fiber: sesamin and sesamolin, which proven to reduce levels of cholesterol and phytosterols – substances that are similar in chemical structure to cholesterol – which makes it ideal for its suppression.

Packing: 80g, 100g, 1kg


Especially for you, we pach an entirely healthy product, which is, so to say, made of proteins which do not differ from meat proteins in quantity bu only in quality – they do not contain saturated fat and cholesterol that can harm your arteries. Try to use it as a snack instead of peanuts (which contain a much higher percentage of fat) and to add it to different kinds of salads and pastries. Roasted soybeans is a tasteful and healthy, lenten foodstuff. It is a grat source of fiber, calcium, iron, zinc, phosphorus, magnesium, thiamine, riboflavin, niacin and folic acid.


Packing: 50g


This is the product that we pack especially for your kitchen since it is traditionally used when preparing desserts, from strudel with poppy seeds to refined cakes in combination with marmalade, nuts and chocolate. It is useful to know that blue poppy contains 55,4% of oil, which is the reason for its characteristic smell and taste, but also a reason to be careful how you keep it since it can take the smell of rancidity. Poppy seeds also contain about 24% of carbohydrates and 18% of proteins. As far as vitamins are concerned, blue poppy contains thiamine and pyridoxine, and it is rich in folic acid, riboflavin and vitamin E. As far as minerals are concerned, it is a great source of manganese, copper, calcium, phosphorus, magnesium, iron and zinc. From the rich nutritional content of blue poppy, we can highlight unsaturated fatty acids, primarily linoleic and oleic acid.

Packing: 100g, 200g, 1kg

Grounded carob

It is used as a sweetener, the addition to flour in preparing cakes and creams, as a thickener. It naturally has sweet taste so it requires small additional sweetening. It can be used in the process of preparation of drink as a substitute for cocoa drink.

Packing: 200g

Pitted prunes

Technology is refined, so they can be immediately used. It is used as a sweet treat. In addition to its phenomenal taste, it is also an important source of energy and nutritious food with special dietary importance.

Packing: 200g


It is very nutritious and energy-rich factor in food. It is used in cooking or snacking in raw or processed state. It is not intended for people prone to allergies.

Packing: 100g


It is used in cooking but also for snacking. It is rich in high-quality fats, proteins and carbohydrates, minerals and vitamins. It is not intended for people prone to allergies.

Packing: 100g

A mixture for cakes flavored with walnuts

The mixture may partially or completely replace the share of walnuts in the preparation of desserts, cakes, fillings for cakes. This is a product that makes the job easier for housewives. There are also puddings to help in preparation of the filling and Unijapak whipped cream for decoration.

Packing: 200g